Bank Credito Cooperativo delle Prealpi in Tarzo
27 Marzo 2018
A big  steel and glass tower features the new seat of  Banca Credito Cooperativo delle Prealpi, in Tarzo, Provice of Treviso. The project was made by Artufficio Srl in Padua (designers Arch. Bruno Tamabasco  - Civil Eng. Mauro Scapolo – Purchase Coordinator Arch. Giulio Salerno). Jewel in the Crown for this new bank headquarters is the 640 square meters auditorium offering 400 seats, engineered with an innovative full rollaway seating system and extensible stages, also rollaway, making the hall completely multi-functional.
Caloi confirms with this project its capability to play a role of General Contractor on the market place scoring complex realizations, thanks to the “ know-how “ acquired in 90 years of activity and experience.

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