CALOI attraverso la propria competenza e know how, di seguire e soddisfare il cliente fin dalla fase iniziale di sviluppo dell’idea progettuale, supportandolo con un ufficio tecnico di alta competenza e professionalità
Parigi France
Fornitura: Gonzaga
Renovation of the historic 19th century building, redesigned in a modern key
Arch. Fresh Architectures
General Contractor: CAA
Auditorium with Gonzaga model armchairs
Science Museum -MUSE
Trento Italia
Fornitura: Gonzaga
Arch. Renzo Piano
Screening room with GONZAGA faux leather seats
Music Hall Bonporti
Trento Italia
Fornitura: Giada ASC
270 seats for the renewal of the Auditorium of the Trento Conservatory, armchairs equipped with beech wood panels for optimal acoustics
Cinema Theatre
Arese (MI) Italia
Fornitura: Comfort V
600 posti
Cinema Hall and City Drama theater
Theatre Ariosto Space Cinema Anteo
Milano Italia
Fornitura: Milano
Arch. R. Rocco
200 armchairs model Milano for the Spazio Cinema Anteo of the Ariosto Theater, a space with small volumes with a retro style.
ICS Milan - International school
Milano Italia
Fornitura: Simplex X S, Simplex X S
Year: 2021
Arch: Barreca & La Varra
Ph: Ugo De Berti studio
Fornitura: Sedia NS
Year: 2020
Places: 2500
HKW - House of World Cultures
easily removable seats designed on the basis of the original ones
Places: 1630
University of Paris - Saclay
Parigi France
Fornitura: Gonzaga
Violin Museum Auditorium
Cremona Italia
Fornitura: MdV
450 places
arch. Giorgio Palù & arch. Michele Bianchi
Studio Arkpabi
Margravi Theater
Bayreuth Germany
Municipal Theather in Nicosia
Nicosia Cyprus
Fornitura: MdV
Year: 2019
Places: 1000
Architect: Pefkios Georgiades
Theatre La Fenice
Venezia Italia
Fornitura: Thonet Fenice
800 places
Rajmahl Theatre - Bollywood Parks - Dubai
UAE | Dubai United Arab Emirates
Fornitura: Comfort Plex
900 places
Theatre Projects Consultants - London
Theatre Ristori
Verona Italia
Fornitura: Ristori
500 places
arch. Aldo Cibic Studio Cibic&Partners
Motion Gate Theater | Dubai Parks
Dubai United Arab Emirates
Fornitura: Comfort Plex
Prada's Headquarters in Milan
Milano Italia
Fornitura: Eliseo
200 places
Rem Koolhaas Studio OMA
CityLife Cinema
Milano Italia
Fornitura: Milano
7 new cinema rooms in the futuristic Citylife area, within the incredible Citylife Shopping District. The rooms have been created with a specific personality and function; each one has the name of important Milan cinemas that have ceased their activity. The idea was to revive the rooms left in the public heart.
Concert Hall (Kazakstan)
Kazakstan | Astana Kazakhstan
Fornitura: Lugano
4.000 places
Studio Nicoletti
Project leader: Manfredi Nicoletti
Project Design: Luca F. Nicoletti
Tchaikovsky Conservatory
Russia | Mosca Russia
Fornitura: Conservatorio, Conservatorio
2000 places
Auditorium Ghelamco Stadium
Belgio | Gent Belgium
Fornitura: Gonzaga, Gonzaga
400 places
Charles University Faculty of Medicine
Repubblica Ceca | Hradec Kralove Czech Republic
Fornitura: Ateneo
650 places
Mirandola (MO) Italia
Fornitura: Gonzaga/G, Gonzaga/G, Gonzaga/G
Cinema Theatre
Luino (VA) Italia
Fornitura: Gonzaga/G, Gonzaga/G, Gonzaga/G
PARIS France
Fornitura: Eliseo
Arch. Ana Moussinet
ELISEO seating upholstered in Mirage E600 fabric, with seat and back in slatted walnut and black painted anti-panic writing tablet.
Cinema Multisala “Il Portico”
Firenze Italia
Fornitura: Comfort France
Modern cinema with 2 screens which offers, in addition to the upcoming films, some arthouse films and live shows from famous theaters.




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