Domus Mercatorum | Verona's Chamber of Commerce
29 January 2018
After spending the past three years of remodeling, Verona’s Chamber of Commerce opened a new community space: a repurposed auditorium, located right in the heart of downtown Verona  at Corso di Porta Nuova.
The auditorium was brought back to life and made available for the city’s use after it kept the doors closed for 30 years. The auditorium, called Domus Mercatorum, has 300 seats and designated areas for media production and simultaneous translators.
Caloi’s Gonzaga style was chosen for its versatility, which allows a high degree of adaptation according to the auditorium’s different needs. The defining features of the seating are the side trapeze-shaped and  the wooden parts to better serve acoustic performance though pocked under-seat panel and a customized backrest height. 


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