Opening New Anteo Cinema Palace in Milan
15 September 2017
On Friday September 8th the New ANTEO CINEMA PALACE officially opened in Milan: 10 halls (named after historic cinemas of Milan) completely renovated with a total of 1150 places.
The CINEMA PALACE is not just a cinema, but a meeting place offering many amenities: library, literary café, restaurant, nursery.
The new seating called MILANO was conceived and designed in close cooperation between Arch. Riccardo Rocco and our Company.
MILANO seating was born from the attempt to satisfy the spectator’s needs of a maximum comfort while optimising spaces, benefitting the owner. It has a reclining seat to allow an easy mobility between the rows but it has the ergonomic feature of a fixed seat.
This new product, with his shape, materials and construction features, is meant to  be a tribute to design masters namely Zanuso, Eames, Albini.

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